Digital Marketing Calendar 2017 – How To Use

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Most often there are the two most common problems faced in a social media set up. Either the company can not think of anything to post on the internet or they have too much material to post overwhelming their audience.

Well, we have a simple solution to that problem!

When it comes to marketing your content, targeting the right audience at the right time through the right medium can be a challenge especially in the fast moving platforms of social media. Therefore this calendar allows you to plan your short and long term social media strategy, laying down your goals and creating quality content. Simply put, this calendar works as an organizer for your marketing actions over the different social media platforms. It helps you to identify, plan, manage and execute your messaging strategies at the right time to the target audience.

This doesn't mean that you put an end to your spontaneous actions over social media activities or limit your new ideas. However, penning down your social media plans will let you have more time to experiment and leave room for creativity.
To put it all together, this is an editorial tool for making your marketing efforts count, making most of all the hard work you put in and keep you and your team on top of things.

What should it INCLUDE?

Designing your social media editorial calendar, you must take care of these activities:

  • Content creation
  • Event updates
  • Important dates
  • User engagement
  • Blogs & News Updates
  • Announcements
By designing the above listed activities, you'll be able to achieve the well defined marketing goals.

This simple document will help you answer some of the vital questions like:

  • What’s happening this week ?
  • What is the monthly strategy adopted ?
  • Does your team know what is to be done ?
  • What are the platforms used ?
  • Is there a healthy two way communication happening?

It not only organizes your efforts but also helps you measure your reach.

Designed to get maximum output

One of the prime feature of this calendar is the way we manage user engagements, author roles and posts sentiment over various social media platforms. This calendar helps you to work in a large team, assigning tasks & achieve the objectives very easily. Adding to that, this calendar also helps you to mark various sentiments of the posts & mentions over these networks.

Lastly, you need this to be successful on social media!