Ecommerce PPC Management

ROI-Driven Ecommerce PPC (Google Ads) Management for an Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Sales are the driving force behind any ecommerce brand. Ecommerce PPC Marketing allows your storefront to generate more traffic, more leads, and more conversions. Successfully executed PPC strategies and PPC campaigns will not only help create brand awareness but will also help increase the sales as it's a crucial part of overall ecommerce digital marketing strategy. The more traffic your site receives, the more chance you have at conversion.

We, at WebChanakya, understand that without a properly set,  optimized and monitored campaign, PPC can quickly become an expensive and ineffective leading to waste of time and money. Our PPC management services are designed to ensure that your ad campaigns are running smoothly from start to finish, generating maximum ROI.

What do our Ecommerce PPC Services include?


  • Google Ads [Get connected to potential customers who are interested in your products]
  • Google Shopping [Create smart shopping campaign to sell more]
  • Remarketing [Let people have your brand in mind]
  • Amazon PPC [Improve Amazon ranking]
  • Display Ads [Improve your brand awareness]
  • Shopping Feed Optimization [Foundation of successful PPC campaigns]
  • Merchant Center Support [Strong base for your Shopping Ads]
  • ROI & Conversion Tracking [Keep an eye on the spend]

Generate more sales with Ecommerce PPC Management

We've got you covered! Our Ecommerce PPC management services include everything from setting up your Google Ads account to optimizing your campaigns. Our goal is to maximize your online presence and convert visitors into buyers. Our team works closely with you to understand your goals and objectives and develop a plan to achieve them. Here is what our PPC Services look like.

Google Ads

WebChanakya offers comprehensive Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) management services that help online stores maximize their performance across multiple channels. We deliver well-structured paid search campaigns that increase conversions while reducing costs. Our team works closely with clients to develop a custom plan that meets their needs and budget. This includes account set up, ad creation, bidding strategies, and ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Google Shopping Ads

Our team understands that Google Shopping Campaigns are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and increase sales on a website. We will help brands get started quickly, or we can assist in optimizing your current setup. Our team has the experience of  managing thousands of products across multiple categories. This means that we know exactly how to scale your advertising budget potential with Google Shopping Management.    


Remarketing is one of the key ways online store owners increase sales and retain customers. In fact, remarketing is so effective that it accounts for nearly half of all conversions. Our remarketing campaigns allow you to target specific customers based on their actions on your site. These campaigns help target those visitors who have already visited the site but haven't purchased. 

Amazon PPC

If you're looking to boost your Amazon sales and grow your customer base, we can help. Our team has been successfully running Amazon PPC campaigns since 2018. We've helped hundreds of businesses achieve success through our proven methods. Our approach involves targeting specific keywords and phrases that relate directly to your product offering. Our goal is simple: To provide you with the best return on investment possible while helping you grow your business.

Display Ads

Our approach includes targeting specific audiences based on demographic information such as age, gender, location, interests, behaviors, and device type. Our team understands the importance of targeting specific audiences and crafting effective advertisements that speak directly to those people. This allows us to provide high quality leads and conversions. Whether it's Google Ads for ecommerce, retargeting, or even paid search, we know the language and nuances of a  brand's customer base.

Shopping Feed Optimization

Google Shopping is one of the fastest growing channels in ecommerce today. We’ve been working with clients in the ecommerce space to help them optimize their product feed strategy and develop a robust Google Merchant Center account. This includes building shopping feeds that are optimized for specific keywords, matching for the best searches, and supporting your ad campaigns.

Merchant Center Support

A successful Google Shopping PPC Campaign starts with a well-maintained Merchant Center Account. We understand how important it is to keep up with constant changes to the Merchant Center interface. This is why our team stays ahead of the curve to provide support for merchants. We monitor merchant center activity to make sure listings are up-to-date and working properly.

ROI & Conversion Tracking

Our team of highly skilled and experienced PPC professionals is dedicated to helping our clients achieve success online. We provide a wide range of services including pay per click management, ad copy writing, keyword research, campaign set up, account management, tracking and reporting. We understand how important it is to reach a target market, and we work hard to ensure that the campaigns deliver maximum return on investment. 

Our PPC Process for Ads that Convert



  • Research
  • Determine Objectives
  • Determine Goals
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Technical Analysis



  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Traffic Assessment
  • Budget Assessment
  • Strategy Definition



  • Ad Text Creation
  • Adding Negative Keywords
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Budget Allocation
  • Campaign Launch



  • Weekly Bid Updates
  • Tracking Site Visits
  • Adding Keywords
  • Scaling Performance
  • Measuring ROI



  • Measure traffic
  • Creative Testing
  • ROI Evaluation
  • Monthly Report
  • Conference Calls 

Why is Pay Per Click (PPC) crucial for Ecommerce Brands?

The key benefit of PPC advertising is that you can reach your audience quickly without paying upfront costs. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad. It is similar to traditional advertising methods, except that you pay only when someone actually visits your site. PPC ads are very effective for small businesses because they allow you to test which keywords generate more traffic. Once you find the right ones, you can use them to attract visitors to your site.

Benefits of PPC for Ecommerce Brands

Instant Access to Millions of Potential Customers
When you start a PPC campaign, you will at once gain access to millions of potential buyers. If you want to sell anything online, you must target these consumers. They are interested in buying your product, and they are ready to buy. By targeting these consumers, you can increase sales and reduce marketing expenses.
Save Money
Running a PPC campaign is cheaper than other types of advertising. For example, Facebook ads are expensive, and they need large budgets. Google Display Network Ads are even more costly. On the other hand, PPC ads are cheap. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you can run multiple campaigns simultaneously.
Provide Instant Feedback
You can see the number of impressions and clicks instantly. You can track conversions, such as purchases, leads, registrations, etc., instantly. This helps you to optimize your campaigns quickly.
Mobile Friendly
Your PPC ads are mobile friendly. You can display them on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs, etc.
A PPC campaign can be easily adapted to suit your brand. You can change the text, images, videos, bids, etc. whenever you like. You can also adjust the budget anytime.
If you decide to run a PPC campaign, it is convenient to do so. You don’ t need to create landing pages, write articles, or update social media posts. All you need to do is select the keywords, set up the budget, and wait for results.
You can scale your PPC campaigns easily. You can add more keywords, increase the budget, or expand your geographical coverage. Careful scaling and optimization will lead to successful PPC Campaigns.
You can measure the success of your PPC campaigns easily and accurately. You can track conversion rates, average order values, revenue, etc. These numbers show you how successful your campaigns were.
Highly Targeted
With Pay Per Click ads, you can target users by location, gender, age, placements, certain keywords, brands, interests, etc. You can also exclude certain groups of people from seeing your ads.
Easy To Manage
It is easier to manage a PPC campaign than any other type of digital marketing. You just set up the budget, choose the keywords, and then wait for the results. You don’t need to worry about tracking metrics, setting up landing pages, creating content, etc.
Ecommerce PPC Ads are one of the most powerful tools available for ecommerce brands. It offers immediate access to millions of potential clients, and it is affordable. It provides instant feedback, and it is easy to manage and scale. Also, it is highly targeted, and it is mobile friendly.

Why Choose WebChanakya for Ecommerce PPC Management Services?

Handing over your Ecommerce PPC Campaigns to an inexperienced team is like playing a game of chess without knowing the rules.  

We are an established PPC agency based in India, with a strong belief that every client has a unique business goal, with different needs, budgets, time frame, and other factors. We understand your business needs well and work towards fulfilling them with our PPC services.

WebChanakya is a full-service Ecommerce agency with expertise in PPC Management Service from setup to reporting.

Our goal is simple: Grow your business. Period.

Here are 5 reasons we are the best Ecommerce PPC Agency in India.

1. Proven Track Record. 

Our agency has already delivered the possible highest ROAS in sales for our ecommerce clients when it comes to google ad and ppc service. This makes us experts in the ecommerce world. WebChanakya provides you with a unique insight into the competition between you and your competitors, enabling you to plan and optimize your marketing campaigns to gain maximum returns on investment.

2.  ROI Driven.

With our expertise, we can manage and optimize your PPC Strategy for maximum ROI. Our team of highly skilled specialists will create a strategy that fits your needs and will provide clear, concise reports that will help you measure your progress.

3. Reliable.

We are committed to providing you with the best service at the fastest pace. We understand the fact that your business needs to grow rapidly. We provide fast, accurate and friendly services to help you achieve your business goals.

4. Professional Team.

We're an experienced team of PPC specialists who know how to get results. You will have confidence that you are working closely with a Paid Advertising expert. We use tried and trusted methods to help ecommerce businesses achieve success online. From managing campaigns to analyzing data from google analytics, our team knows exactly what it takes to drive traffic and increase sales.

5. Customized Solution.

We have a highly flexible and customized solution to help you manage your online marketing and advertising strategy. We offer our clients an extensive range of services including Google Ads Management, Ecommerce SEO, Social Media Management, Marketing Funnel, Web Analytics and Digital Marketing.

We look forward to helping you increase your business and improve your profits! 

🚀 Growth Is Easy With webChanakya
  • Human-Centric marketing approach
  • Pool of experienced digital marketers
  • Dedicated account manager for all projects
  • Scalable Marketing Framework
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Ecommerce PPC Services
1What is pay per click (PPC)?
A pay-per-click campaign is one where advertisers bid against each other to be seen by users searching for keywords related to products or services. The advertiser pays only when someone clicks on his ad. Advertisers can target their ads based on a number of criteria, including location and gender.
2What is search engine advertising?
Search engine advertising is an effective form of marketing because it reaches people who are actively looking for what you sell. It also allows you to reach new customers who may not yet be familiar with your company. 
3What is ecommerce PPC management?
eCommerce PPC management is a process where a company can outsource its PPC campaign to a professional agency. An agency would take care of running the entire campaign for them. They would also analyze the data collected and then make necessary changes to improve the performance of the campaign.
4What is the difference between organic search and paid search?
The difference is simple: Organic search is when people use Google to find products and services. Paid search is when businesses pay companies like WebChanakya to advertise their products and services using Google.
5What is the role of a PPC manager?

The role of a PPC (Pay Per Click) Manager in ecommerce is to create and optimize Ad campaigns that generate sales from paid search media. He or she works closely with search engine marketing (SEM) teams to determine the best strategy for reaching potential customers and ensuring that the campaigns are effective and cost-efficient. A PPC Manager will use various tools and techniques to identify and analyze the target audience, define budgets, and track the success of campaigns.

The main role of a PPC Manager is to make sure that the ad campaigns are well planned and executed. He or she will research and select relevant keywords, set up campaigns, define budgets, create ad copy, and manage bidding. The PPC Manager is also responsible for monitoring performance and adjusting campaigns in order to achieve desired results. He or she needs to have a deep understanding of the market, the competitors, and the customers' needs in order to create effective ad campaigns that generate the desired results.

One must also have the ability to analyze data and convert it into actionable insights that can be used for optimizing campaigns. This role requires knowledge of search engine algorithms and other forms of optimization. Technical skills include expert-level knowledge of AdWords and Bing Ads, Google Analytics, and other analytical tools.

In an ecommerce environment, the PPC Manager is also responsible for optimizing product pages and landing pages to ensure maximum performance. He or she will work closely with the marketing, SEO, and analytics departments to create a comprehensive strategy that drives conversions and sales.

The PPC Manager will also work closely with the account manager to ensure that the campaigns are meeting the goals and objectives of the company. He or she will be responsible for reporting on performance, reading results, and recommending adjustments to maximize the success of the campaigns.

Overall, the role of a PPC Manager in ecommerce is multifaceted and requires a high level of technical and strategic skill. He or she must be able to deliver exceptional results while working within budgets and timelines.

6How much does it cost to run a PPC campaign?
The cost depends on several factors. It includes the number of keywords used, the daily bid amount, the type of product being advertised, etc.
7What is the difference between SEO and PPC?
SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is how websites rank in search engines. While PPC stands for pay per click. This is how campaigns get started. The two are very important to understand as they work together and complement each other to create a successful campaign.
8Is PPC a part of SEO Strategies?
Yes, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. SEO utilizes a set of techniques and strategies to help improve a website's visibility in search results, while PPC works via an auction-based system where an advertiser pays to show relevant ads when a keyword a user is searching for is part of the advertisers’ campaigns. In the context of ecommerce PPC management, SEO and PPC strategies should be used in tandem to create the most effective campaigns. From an SEO perspective, keyword research, website optimization, and content creation are all important activities in improving a website’s visibility. Additionally, SEO requires patience as results don’t tend to be instantaneous, and for this reason, PPC can be immensely helpful. With PPC campaigns, an advertiser can gain immediate visibility for their website and products with help from professionally-managed campaigns. With an ecommerce PPC campaign, an advertiser can effectively target their desired customer demographic with relevant ads. PPC can also be used to target specific products and services, test different messaging approaches, and gain insight into the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns. Overall, PPC can be a key complement to an ecommerce SEO strategy. PPC campaigns allow an advertiser to gain visibility and target customers while they patiently wait for the results of their SEO efforts to take effect.