Ecommerce Social Media Advertising

Be seen where your audience is, outrank your competitors and increase your conversions. 

An average smartphone user checks their social media every 30 minutes. It has become the primary medium for people to learn about products, services and prices. If you are not putting your products in front of this audience, you're leaving a huge chunk of money on the table.

WebChanakya's Ecommerce Social Media Advertising Services ensures that your product is placed in front of the right people at the right time. Our social media specialist team designs strategies to target potential buyers and encourage them to buy your products online.  

What's included in our Social Media Advertising Service?


  • Social Media Ad Management [Show Ads to the right people at the right time]
  • Social Ad Account Audit [Uncover opportunities to optimize] 
  • Social Media Advertising Strategy and Consultation [Leverage the expertise of our leadership team]
  • Social Media Ad Targeting [Reaching the right audience means increasing conversions]
  • Reporting [Measure success, identify gaps]
  • Social Ad Integrations for Ecommerce [Let our team handle this]

Maximize ROI with Social Media Advertising

Data Driven Ad Management 

Our ad management services will help an online storefront manage all aspects of your campaigns from planning, creation, optimization, reporting and measurement. Our team of experts work together to make sure your ads reach the right people at the best times. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or sell products, we offer solutions that work.

Ad Copy Creation

Ad copy can become a deciding factor whether a campaign will work or not. Bad ad copies can fail a campaign even if everything has been done right. Our unique approach to ad copywriting depends on every stage of the customer journey, including ad copy, ad creatives and ad video. Our team of writers will create compelling ad copy that draws in and resonates with the target audience.

Developing Campaign Strategies

Our approach starts with an analysis of the current state of advertising. We then define clear goals and objectives and create a strategy to aligns with the brand's goals. We work closely with the brand to understand the business, customers, and the competition, so we can craft effective advertising strategy that deliver results. Based on this understanding, we consult and build comprehensive strategies to achieve long-term sustainable ROI.

Ad Targeting

When done correctly, the right target audience can increase ROI by up to 300%. Our expertise lies in helping businesses maximizing online presence through targeted advertising. We're not only able to target based on gender, age, location, and language, but also on various other factors such as interests, behaviors, hobbies, and preferences that best suit the brand's audience. The goal is to deliver maximum exposure for each campaign while minimizing any risks.

Competitor Analysis

In any business, it is always important to stay on top of competitors. By analyzing the strategies and activities of a brand's competitors, our team can better understand and identify how they’re winning and what strategies can be implemented to improve and optimize social media advertising efforts. WebChanakya specializes exclusively in delivering strategies that help companies grow their online stores successfully.


Measuring and analyzing results is critical to understanding how successful the efforts were. Our ecommerce social media advertising reports show you exactly how well the campaigns are performing. They're easy to read and provide granular data on impressions, clicks, conversion rates and other metrics. We're here to help you succeed. Our goal is to continually improve the marketing strategy and increase ROI.

Our Step-by-Step Social Media Advertising Approach for Ecommerce Clients

Setting the Campaign Goals 

Setting up campaign goals will help build a successful advertising campaign.  We define your advertising objectives that will help you understand what you can expect to achieve from the campaigns. We choose from objectives like awareness, reach, engagement, conversion, etc. based on the goals you want to achieve for your ecommerce store. 

Define Target Audience 

We understand that the audience of any ecommerce store is the end user, and each brand has its own audience to cater. Our team of advertising experts use their experience to target your audience based on their interests and behavior on the web. We identify the social channels that your potential customers engage with, and the types of content that they consume. By identifying the right audience, we make sure that our clients’ brands and products deliver value to their target audience, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Select the Right Social Media Platform

After assessing your needs, we’ll carefully consider what works for you, and we’ll only invest in platforms that produce results for your ecommerce store. It’s always important to consider the return on investment (ROI) of each social channel when choosing to advertise. Be it any platform, our team makes sure your ads are running properly, getting traffic, generating conversions to your website and are optimizing social media strategy wherever required.

Create Funnel Wise Ad Copy 

The words you use in your social media ads matter. We understand the importance of making sure your ad copy is clear, easy to read and compelling to prospects. Our team has the expertise in writing powerful, creative, and persuasive copy. We use the right words to describe the benefits of your product and services, and to communicate with your audience. Our goal is to connect with people, and use language that encourages them to click, like, and share your ad.

Product and Landing Pages Optimization

Landing pages are webpages that appear after someone clicks on your ad. We make sure they are designed to convert visitors into leads and eventually customers. Landing page and product page optimization includes everything from creating an effective headline to making sure your call-to-action buttons are visible and easy to click.

Setup Ad Campaign

We know how important it is to have a well-executed and successfully set-up ad campaign. Our team of experts helps you to create effective Facebook ad campaigns for your business. Our Facebook ads services are designed to give you maximum results with minimum hassle and time, giving you a better return on investment. We will be monitoring your account to ensure that your ad is reaching the right target audience.

Define and Optimize Campaign budget

Facebook advertising works better when there is clear definition of goals and objectives, an accurate budget allocation and a proper optimization strategy. Our team focuses on Optimizing for conversions so that the budget is clearly allocated to the right audience and spent accordingly.

Launch your Ads and Measure Success

We'll set up an ad schedule to help you see how your ads are performing and to give you insight into the cost effectiveness of each. We'll provide you with regular reports, so you can monitor the performance of the ads.

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  • Human-Centric marketing approach
  • Pool of experienced digital marketers
  • Dedicated account manager for all projects
  • Scalable Marketing Framework
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Where should I advertise?

Top 6 social media platforms for Ecommerce

Why choose WebChanakya as your Ecommerce Social Media Advertising Agency?

WebChanakya is the leading Digital Marketing Agency in India serving ecommerce businesses globally. We have been a customer-centric agency since 2011 and we strive for a customer-centric relationship, to bring our clients the best ever experience of Ecommerce Marketing. We offer various advertising services to help you connect with your target audience, promote your product or service, and create brand awareness. 

WebChanakya has the right blend of innovative ideas, creative content and experience to help you out with your advertising needs. We are a leading Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Agency that offers customized advertising services to help companies reach their target audience, increase brand awareness and gain visibility.

We offer a wide range of social media management services that include Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Advertising, Facebook Ads, PPC Services, Facebook Conversion Optimization and many more.

Reasons why you should hire WebChanakya as your Ecommerce Advertising Agency:

Our Leadership Team has the Experience & Knowledge

We’ve been providing services in the internet marketing for more than 10 years now. This experience helps us understand how to help you maximize your ROI. Our Ecommerce Social Media Advertising Services enables us to help you optimize your campaign and achieve the best ROI.

We have an Extensive and Proven Track Record

We can create a complete campaign for you as well as manage your current one. Our team of experts will work with you to help develop the best strategy to ensure the most success and cost effectiveness. We create our campaigns using the latest technology and techniques to ensure the highest ROI.

We Provide Complete Transparency

We understand that social media advertising campaign is different from other kinds of advertising. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your money, we keep you informed of the progress of your social media campaign.

We're a Full-Suite Ecommerce Marketing Agency

We offer a full suite of digital marketing services, including web design, graphic design, SEO service, Social Media Marketing Strategies, content marketing, PPC (pay per click) and much more. When you partner with us, you won't just get social media services; you'll get an entire package of ecommerce digital marketing tools designed to give you the edge you need to succeed. 

We Drive Results

Our social media experts use data-driven methods to ensure that your ads reach the right audience at the right time. We also measure the success of every ad we run. This way, we can see which ones are performing well and which ones aren't. We then tweak those campaigns to improve performance and continue to monitor the results.

Bonus: Our Campaigns Drive Traffic to the Website

WebChanakya helps you to drive traffic to your site with advertising services. We understand the importance of social media marketing and it's becoming very popular among online businesses. Social Media marketing strategy is a great way to market your products and services. It's cost effective and helps you build trust and brand recognition.

🚀 Growth Is Easy With webChanakya
  • Human-Centric marketing approach
  • Pool of experienced digital marketers
  • Dedicated account manager for all projects
  • Scalable Marketing Framework
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ecommerce Social Media Advertising Services FAQs
1What is social media advertising for my ecommerce website?
It is a great way to promote your products or services on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. It allows you to target specific groups of users based on age, gender, location, interests, etc. The idea behind this type of advertising is to connect with potential customers through these channels.
2How long does it take to start seeing results after I sign up for advertising?
It depends on many factors, but generally speaking, if you’re using paid advertising, it takes anywhere from 30 days to 90 days to start seeing results.
3How often do I have to pay for social media campaigns? How much does it cost?
The price varies depending on the platform and the number of impressions you’d like to reach. The advertising campaign has different campaign objectives , such as increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your site, boosting sales, etc. These objectives will determine the frequency of payments. 
4Can I choose the exact demographics I want to target?
Yes! With advertising, you can target specific audiences by selecting different criteria, such as age, gender, location and interests.
5Does social media advertising work better than traditional advertising?
Traditional advertising has been around for decades. Social media advertising is relatively new, but it’s growing in popularity. Both types of advertising have pros and cons. Traditional advertising works best when targeting large numbers of people and creating a strong presence. Advertising is most effective when targeting smaller groups of people.
6Why should an ecommerce use social media for promotion? 
If you're looking to increase sales, boost brand awareness and grow your customer base, social media marketing is a powerful way that's free, easy to set up and highly targeted. Plus, it's proven to be extremely successful.  
7Should your ecommerce business use paid social advertising?
This medium has become a powerful marketing tool for business. From creating awareness to promoting sales, social channels has been shown to be a great source for reaching out to customers.
8Is there any difference between social media advertising and SEO?
Yes. They both involve promoting your business online. However, social media advertising focuses on building relationships with existing customers while SEO focuses on attracting new visitors to your site.
9What is the difference between ecommerce marketing and ecommerce advertising?
Ecommerce marketing covers many aspects of the online selling process, such as website design and promotion, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and more.  Ecommerce advertising is marketing activities that aim to increase sales and awareness of a particular product or service.
10Is Social Media Advertising a part of Social Media Marketing Services?
Yes! Social Media Advertising can help you to reach your audience and to build a relationship with them. Social media advertising is a part of social media marketing services as social network are a great place to advertise your business. Advertisers know that most users are searching for products or services online via social platforms. Thus, they will place ads for products or services related to your niche on these sites. You will find that social media advertising is very effective as long as you are careful about where you advertise and the type of content that you create.