10 Content hacks every E-commerce owner must know about

Imagine buying something without knowing about it.
To attract and convert customers, it is crucial for E-Commerce Businesses to have the right content on your site. Customers visiting your online store need to feel confident in your brand and the quality of your products. You only have one shot to make an impression on a visitor to your website. Do things right and see your sales soar.

Here are a few guidelines to make your brand stand out across many e-commerce websites over the internet.
1. Product description
Firstly, a product description should effectively sell the product, making it attractive, specifying the need it will fill, and highlighting why the customer should purchase it. If you’re selling a bag, only its price and picture isn’t enough, even if the picture speaks a thousand words.

He needs to know the dimensions, materials, colors available and much more. Also you’re killing chances of your site not showing up in the top numbers of the search engine query due to lacking product description.

For say, you can post the basic details of your product on social networking sites, which will help the consumers to know more about the product and the brand.
2. Use Relevant Keywords
In order to rank well on search engines, make sure that you have keywords into your website’s content, in a manner that will get you optimal benefits. Make sure that you insert keywords in such a way that your content reads with a natural flow. Be careful not to over-stuff keywords.

These days the social media is going crazy about the hashtags. Hashtags are kind of informal keywords which can be used for search optimization.
3. Use keyword-friendly URLs
Having speaking URLs is almost half the work done. This is one: http://www.readanybook.com/ebook/pride-and -prejudice. A speaking URL enhances the understanding of the visitors. They know to expect a book – Pride and Prejudice. Such URLs are frequently reposted by other websites.
4. Think beyond the word and the image by using videos
Think beyond text and pictures by engaging your audience with videos. Brands have been using videos on their product pages and other stores are having great success. There is no doubt that product pages with a video perform better than those that don’t. But don’t leave video just for products, consider it as part of a broader content strategy.

Recently, Facebook has added a feature of auto-play to the videos, which help to catch eyes of your target audience, and provides more screen time to your brand.
5. Know Your Product’s USP, and Put it Across Clearly
There’s probably nothing more counter-productive to your business than making visitors to your website hunt for the Unique Selling Proposition of your brand.

Statistics show that if your visitor cannot find the main benefit on offer within seconds, he will leave your website before you can tell. Your USP is therefore best placed in the headline, subheading and introduction.
6. Keep Your Content Short, Simple and Relevant
Business owners are so involved with their products that they tend to want to share everything they know about them! But, it’s important to remember that as far as your website is concerned – “less is more”. Evaluate every line of your website to see whether your potential buyer really needs that bit of information. So, just focus on the main benefits!
7. Help people through subheads
Most people don’t read online. They scan online. So you can ask for attention by using subheads that are descriptive. Instead of saying ‘check out our latest bags’; you could say ‘check out our latest bling bags’.

This will not only draw the attention of the bag lovers, but also of bling lovers who will stop their scan to read, hoping to find something worthy.

While you have descriptive subheads, keep the length of the paragraphs short. Long paragraphs are boring invitations for people to doze off.
8. Don’t Be Boastful
People evaluate brands and companies the same way they evaluate people. No one likes to deal with a brand that claims to be indispensable to them. Be careful how you come across to your consumers. Create a brand image that is genuine and humble.
9. Be Creative
If you are not at least a bit creative with your writing and design, you run the risk of being boring, un-engaging and forgettable. Creative concepts have a great impact on sales, because they are interesting. Creative websites are also a lot more likely to be bookmarked to be returned to later.
10. Encourage customer reviews
There aren’t many better ways of generating unique content on product pages than user reviews. 62% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site with user reviews, increasing conversion rates as well as bringing in more search traffic.
Content acts as a backbone to any website. You must maintain the liability of your website through content. WebChanakya can be a one-step solution for all your content related queries.

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