21 ways to instantly increase your E-commerce sales

Being an E-marketer, you have to analyse the business driven society a lot and remain updated with new trends everyday. A thorough knowledge of digital marketing and various technical aspects are very essential. Take a look upon these 21 proven ways to boost sales in E-commerce
  • 1

    Unique & Utility

    Tell the audience what your idea in the market is and how you are different from other's. It will reflect your advanced thinking process from other competitors.

  • 2

    Highlight your Product & Services

    Invest on high quality professional photography and try to give a unique representation of everything. Keep a tab on seasons of different products and remain updated with trends.

  • 3

    Call to action & Website sales pitch

    Provide practical information to the visitor, this helps them to make a quicker purchasing decision. As a bonus, include your YouTube videos on the site!

  • 4

    Keywords & Content

    Every product should have proper description with relevant keywords. Give a detailed description about the product.

  • 5

    Display offers

    Customers love to see discounted prices and deals. It will be an actionable step to attract traffic to your website.

  • 6

    Mobile Friendly Website

    Website should have appropriate font & button size, higher resolution pictures and excellent server. Viewers should be able to access anything through their smart phones.

  • 7

    Cross-selling of product

    It is a good idea to implement in online store. You can help customers to shop on your website with huge number of choices about colours & prices.

  • 8

    E-mail marketing

    The best way of converting the traffic into sales. Send Newsletters, include visual content and inform about company news and latest offers. Use actionable content while E-mailing.

  • 9

    SEO & SMO

    Make sure you have higher visibility on search engines and social media channels. Go for keywords research and fit them into the content of the website.

  • 10

    Customer support

    Communicate effectively in every process of sales and marketing. If there is a micro issue, solve it immediately. It helps to build trust amongst consumers and potential buyers.

  • 11

    Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are master keys to drive engagement amongst your customers. You can execute creative ideas in the contest campaigns. Use right hashtags, quotes, content and filters.

  • 12

    Mobile application (must)

    They are booming these days. Try to engage customers with notifications and promotional plans on applications.

  • 13


    Crafting stories and blogging , a valuable aspect in the business of E-commerce. Choose topics which share an experience, How-to tips and tricks,tell about multiple styling of one outfit etc
    Blogs also help in search engine optimization to attain search crawler via content.

  • 14


    You need to grab a coffee and map out the best ideas and concepts for campaigning. Sky is the limit to convert your customers. Design effective marketing strategies, they can really help you to generate higher revenue.

  • 15

    Birthdays and Anniversaries

    These days are most exciting and happy days for your consumers. Greet them, they will surely feel special! It will also get them to come again to you.

  • 16


    The best way to measure your performance. Study them carefully and where more consumers visit or stop. It will help you to learn and grow.

  • 17


    They help us to measure results. Take them whenever there is order confirmation; ask your customer how did they find the product? Are they satisfied with your services?
    Know about their shopping experience from your site.

  • 18

    Ask for reviews

    Reviews define your business and play a significant role in sales. Good reviews can shape your business in heaps and bounds. Request your customers to write thank you reviews for your company.

  • 19

    Currency Converter

    Every visitor should be able to convert in his native currency. It can be transformative for the merchants who ship internationally, which will boost your business.

  • 20

    Tracking order

    Customers should be able to check the status of the order and how much time it will take to reach? It makes the purchasing process simple for them.

  • 21

    Improve your website navigation

    Keep a tab on your website performance. Try to fix broken links and include social sharing buttons.

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