Learn to use hashtags and theme days for social media marketing campaigns

Assuming that by now you must be familiar with the word “hashtag” that has been trending in the dictionary of social media.

Business owners and users attach hashtags to their images, posts and tweets as search mechanisms and marketing strategies.

There are approx. 2.22 billion of people use social media networks and hashtags are a fantastic way to reach them. They go beyond putting your brand name or customized ones created by your users.

You might have heard of daily hashtags such as #MotivationMonday or #ThrowbackThursday. Different day, different hashtag. Whether you're on Google+, Instagram, or Twitter, using these daily hashtags along with popular hashtags, help boosting your brand’s impression and make your content easily searchable.

Bringing hashtags into play is a great way to mix up your creative content to interact with your audience. Here are some daily hashtag ideas that would be great for businesses.






















# Be specific and relevant:

To gain a particular audience, you’re ought to use the hashtags in which your will be interested in.

Generic hashtags aka daily hashtags like #TBT reach a wider audience and hit your niche directly.

You need to be specific to whom you are targeting and post relevant images with a particular hashtag.

# Hashtags on search:

Hashtags are an efficient method to find content some specific trending topic.

Hashtags make it easy to search anything on social media network be it Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

When you optimize conversations, content, and updates with hashtags, they become more visible to others on social media platforms and search engines.

A click or search query regarding a particular hashtag, identify the audience with common interest, or people who often use the hashtag. The potential for using the hashtag can be leveraged across platforms.

# Don’t sound like an assertive salesman:

Instead of flooding your posts with your brand name, choose a generic hashtag that represents the experience and describes the emotions that your brand wants to convey.

Some businesses use them to keep track of their brand through social media. Many go viral off by using hashtags and get nation-wide attention through a hashtag.

# Aids discussion:

Hashtags are a great way to get people talking, they are often the most popular topics to discuss on social platforms.

For say, Instagram and Twitter displays them as ‘trending’ and google shows them as ‘hot topics’.

Hashtags undoubtedly become terms to identify popular conversations relevant to your niche and expand your social network.

# Break news with hashtags:

Of late hashtags are used to streamline communication around situations and your experiences.

Daily hashtags can also be used to share happy news and fun updates. It is more like a tag to your experiences and shenanigans.

# Use them carefully:

Hashtags to add relevance to your posts. Using the inconsiderately defeats the purpose of reaching the exact audience that you want. Having 20 or 25 hashtags in one single post is way too unnecessary.

Look for what’s trending and get involved with the conversation through a hashtag.

Make sure whatever hashtags you are using must represent your post in an appropriate and fitting way.

# Adds value:

Using hashtags in social media allows you engage with your preferred audience at click-speed.

Without it, brands would have solely counted on content sharing, hoping that the right prospects would read their information and follow them somehow.

With hashtags, companies can now make their content more searchable, adding flair to their social media marketing approach.

# Track performance:

You can track the performance of your hashtags, by conducting a research on what was popular and which hashtags drove traffic to website and increased the number of sales for a product or service.

Using hashtags in a proper way makes sure that your services gain visibility and track your performance.
Hashtags have entered almost every facets of our social and regular life. They have stigmatized in our culture and do play a pivotal role on social media.

The most important point to keep in your mind while creating a marketing strategy is that you’re building a relationship with your audience, not just selling your brand.

Hashtags have stigmatized in our culture and play a pivotal role on social media.

This brings us to some important questions like are you using daily hashtags on your social networks? How has it helped in boosting your brand’s visibility? Have you incorporated daily hashtags into your marketing strategy?

Let us know how you’ve used hashtags for your business, or if you are still in dilemma on how to use them, feel free to seek our help.
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