22 ways to grow your business on Pinterest

Pinterest is a digital mall of beautiful pictures where people create boards and share photos of everything and anything. Many business ventures use Pinterest as visual-discover network. Pins are like bookmarks, people add to Pinterest, they point back to the websites. The pins can be anything recipe, product, gift or quote.

The powerful spreading features of Pinterest helps E-commerce firms to throw their business balls and make money by pinning. It has become quintessential in money making for E-commerce ventures. They can collate any kind of product and sell it online. It is showing the fastest rate growth with great potential!

Now let’s discover how Pinterest can help E-commerce ventures in a very beneficiary business
  • 1

    Mesmerizing and Multi-coloured photos

    Online photo sharing is incredible idea to make people keen. Images which contain combination of more than 2 or 3 colours grabs more attention. The photographs should be of high quality, it should appeal visually and bring the sales instantly

  • 2

    Buy button

    This button has created a different scenario/new evolution amongst E- commerce ventures. It helps people to instantly purchase whatever they are looking specifically. Launching of buy button has been fantastic news for shopping lovers

  • 3

    Pinned words

    Use Pinned words in the description and use wherever possible. Following is a list of the Most Pinned words on Pinterest Quotes, Recipes, Art, Recipes, Bottle, Mix, Desire, Favourite, Like, Ideas, Things, Words, Books, Inspiration, Chicken, Cake, Cheese

  • 4

    Rich pins

    Rich pins contain extra information right inside the pin. There are basically five types of rich pins: movie, recipe, article, product and place; Use product pins to mention pricing and stock availability. It helps to improve CTR and get curate feeds

  • 5

    Boards based on Lifestyle theme

    It is a creative method of connecting with customers as everyone has his own style statement. Themes drive traffic on website, it means pinning on boards with lifestyle every week is a hit

  • 6

    Add “Pin it”

    This button is about pinning the links bringing person directly on the board. It is a fantastic social sharing tool and people also get opportunity to explore other boards of the company

  • 7

    Everyone, Everybody and Everything with one day

    Various products and topics should be scheduled on different days of the week. Following are the considerable days for pinning and they help in more business benefits:

Interest & popularity according to week days in pintrest
  • 8

    Pinning Frequency

    Try to pin at least 10 to 15 times in a day. It will help in driving more traffic on the website and help in forming very good connection with target audience. Schedule the posting after every one hour

  • 9

    Prime time is on Saturday

    There is a science behind scheduling posts on Pinterest. The pining of boards should be done from 2 PM to 4PM and 8 PM to 1 AM.It will help in increasing the scope of reaching the business audience. Try to create variety of boards and schedule them one by one

  • 10


    Backlinks helps google crawler to index your websites. It helps in crucial Search engine optimization

  • 11

    Keywords, Pitchy content and hash tags leads to better research

    It is one of the most important social media phenomenon. Write the description in about 100 words in the pin boards. Hashtags and keywords have created a huge revolution and helped to expand the reach of consumers

  • 12


    Analytics work as a barometer to measure how the strategies are working. Try to search which boards get much response and number of repins every day, week and month. Work more upon the types pins which rank higher

  • 13

    Product index

    E-commerce can sell any kind of product with exclusive variety, it gives fanciful shopping experience. It is a place to hunt, gather and crack the deal for E-shopping lovers

  • 14


    Giving challenges and creating events is a productive way of marketing. It is a method of connecting with potential customers; involves engagement and brings new followers on the board

  • 15

    Existing customers

    Upload about existing customers will help in giving them recognition. These Pins will work as a testimonial and build image for the upcoming customers

  • 16

    Create a business account

    Business account helps in strategizing the product which you want to sell. It is a proven method to generate revenue. Use call to action and engaging content on the page

  • 17


    Being a part of group helps to know the scope of creativity and where is your venture lacking. It helps to know about latest trends and catch new audience every time

  • 18

    Building relationship with influencers

    Greet your influencers regularly, it helps in beneficial business. Try to ask them how you can improve and reach more consumers

  • 19

    Organize contests

    One of the best way to shift the change and focus towards creating engagement with online people. It also helps in connecting with newest audiences

  • 20


    It is remarketing by retargeting the existing audience to get more audience. This increases engagement and helps to brings new followers too

  • 21

    Follow other businesses

    By noticing what others are doing helps to keep the firm update about ongoing and upcoming trends. It also helps to get new ideas of marketing everyday

  • 22

    Cross promote Facebook and Twitter with Pinterest

    This is one of the best functionality of Pinterest. It has feature to connect Facebook and Twitter together with one click .It helps to spread the word instantly

E-commerce helps people to see products with kaleidoscopic vision and variety too. They can leverage out huge business with its instantaneous qualities.

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