How to run contest on Twitter?

Back in the day, every brand works with mission to get massive sales and work for long hours in a day, but to get immediate sales and create positive impression in the market brands can also run contest on twitter for their footfall. The contest should be absolutely incredible, It leads to brand promotion and increase followers too, this vicious circle of social media planning will lead to conversion of leads and get prospective clients

To plan a contest the team has to do market mapping from ground activation. The top goal of campaigning is to get higher brand recognition and sales in the market. Following are some notable steps to run a remarkable contest on twitter:
The plan should be made with target group habit and interests. A well-designed contest will create brand awareness will not reach fans, but their friends and other friends also. It should be a long term planning
What kind of campaign
You have liberty to show your roaring creativity but the campaign should also create brand engagement. The contest can be anything like photo contest, caption test, fastest fingers contest, right answers, group selfie contest, video contests etc
Engaging title
The marketing goal of the campaign is to promote your brand. Each activity of the contest should be communicative, not vague and seek marketing from launching to last day. You should be clear about purpose, ROI objectives and what you want to do in the entire project
Set rules and regulations
The entrants should be told about all do’s and don’ts in the campaign. It is important to announce what is the time frame, who is eligible and what are the prizes. Make sure that all activities in your campaign follows legal requirements
On the first day, start with shower of dialogues which deliver a perfect elevator pitch by tweets and retweets. It should give a heavy sales push right on this day that your contest becomes a seasonal trend
Create a twitter ad
The best way to reach new customers other than existing followers. The ads can be targeted according to Age, gender and location
Use hashtags in every tweets and contest messaging, they are approachable and communicative. It also helps to get in front people who may have not seen your tweets. Use contextual, unique and funny hashtags in the tweets
Announce about next contests
Keeping another plans and contests in suspense are not important. It will help to keep people hooked with your twitter page
Schedule the time to tweet
The tweets are only 140 character, therefore the content should be catchy and thought-provoking. Schedule a time to tweet between 1pm to 4pm every day, be clear what you want to say to drive more traffic and interaction. Scheduling will also help to bring potential new customers
Cross-promote on other social media channels
Announce about your contest everywhere on social media. It will help in expanding more effectiveness and reach new followers
Follow-up and Retweet
The contest should be managed with proper follow up and response. It will reflect a positive image towards existing customers and new customers
Announce the winner
When the contest ends, promote the winner and appreciate his efforts. Please check carefully he had completed the tasks following the rules and regulations to avoid any disputes
Measure campaign performance
It will give you clear picture from launching, execution to finishing. Analyse every activity it will help to know where you were lacking and refine your ideas to do better campaigning
To focus on engagement, twitter is an impactful platform to connect you with target audience. It helps in boosting the sales!

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