7 Reasons why infographics are significant to your content marketing strategies

If you’re struggling with your efforts in content marketing and are only able to generate a little or no traffic at all to your site, then all you need to do is to consider using Infographics as part of your digital marketing strategies.

Infographics are probably one of the most used visual contents these days. The popularity of infographics can be traced back to its tendency to become viral and its capability of transforming a standard text content into an easy-to-understand visual content.

What you need is the most is to grab your audiences’ attention and you can easily do so through infographics. So here are a few advantages of infographics which describe why it is not too late to consider and incorporate infographics in your content marketing strategies.
1. Visual appeal
We have always heard and read that 90% of information that is communicated to the brain is visual.

The duration of attention of the audience is very short, so it is easy to grab their attention and deliver your message through infographics in that very period.

Infographics are designed in such way that viewers can easily scan the content. Using bright and appealing colors with relevant content attract people more than anything.
2. Shareable and linkable
Another study revealed that 46% of viewers respond well to visual information than text, photos and images are shared eight times more than text on social media.

Infographics have topped the visual content category that is shareable with measurable.

The content provided by infographics is evergreen, you can refurbish the content according to your requirements and use it over and over again.

They catch the eyes in a less stressful way with the interesting color combinations and images. People like to share the blogs that contain infographics, building concrete links on social media.

They allow brands in a particular niche to earn links from other markets as well. It helps in increasing credibility and relevance of your brand.
3. Brand awareness
Infographics are one of the best marketing tools to build your brand’s awareness in your niche.

All of this depends on the kind of message you want to convey to your audience with the content that remains in their memory for a longer time and try and connect with your brand.

Infographics can also be used for offline marketing activities. For say, you can get their print outs and distribute them to your audience. You can also use them on brochures to promote your products and services.
4. Simplification of complex data
There are no two ways that the human brain has the hardest time in processing large information. Hence visuals come to the rescue.

Infographics abbreviate data into a simple canvas that is easy to understand and easily relatable.

They break down complex business ideas into simple version of them with the help of visuals, making them tools for education.

A good infographic subsides the complexities and empowers the viewers with the understanding to break down the complex information in easy and understandable visual chunks.
5. News-jacking tool
Infographics are an amazing tool for news jacking, turning the news and events into marketing openings for your brand.

Reporters use them for facts and statistics because they convey figures more effectively than any other content format.
6. Go viral
Since infographics are the most shareable content on social media, their chances of becoming viral are much higher than any other content format.

A study suggests that people are more inclined towards infographics rather than just text-on-images.

So infographics instill the trust that this brand would not lie or mislead about the information they are providing.

People like to share creative content, that consumes less time to read or view the content. The more the content is shared people are more like to see it and share it all over their social profiles.

According to studies, infographics have the maximum potential to go viral because they contain a great deal of entertaining content, that viewers can easily relate and share.
7. Measurable results and ROI
The benefits of infographics are that they pose fast measurable results like backlinks, social shares and traffic.

These quick results allow search engines to develop a complete ROI report for their clients.

It becomes harder to measure the results of individual visual quantities and justify the content spend on each of them.

You can use the same infographic in multiple locations without worrying about getting penalized for it. When you re-post your infographic, you can provide backlinks to your website, that will help in driving more traffic to your site and boost its SEO ranking.
In this highly competitive global online market, the only key to success is to get your targeted customers’ attention.

Using infographics is one of the most effective way of working towards this by using the visual elements that are not only relevant, educational and entertaining, but also compelling and visually appealing.

This makes us conclude that Infographics are an effective tool that you i.e the business owners and digital marketers should incorporate to keep all customer focus and glued to your content, which is the most relevant of all your marketing strategies.
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