Super Simple strategies to #trend on Instagram & Promote your #Brand

We live on the edge of creative marketing revolution, surrounded with mixes of visuals and audio visual content. Instagram, the powerful visual channel! It is one of the fastest growing social media platform. To create powerful brand engagement, all you need is a strong visual presence on Instagram.

Let’s take an overview on how to do a Brand Value Optimization on Instagram.

1. Profile

Write what your Brand is doing in the market. Use simple language which appeals to be thoughtful. Add brand URL in the profile description.

2. Caption

Write creative captions. It helps in engaging and boosting the number of followers. Add call-to-actions.

3. #Hashtags

Create your own brand hashtags and use other popular #hashtag that relate your product , brand or services Like #photooftheday, #hitmondayblues, #throwback, #chooseyourwinter, #productoftheday. You can research various site to get popular and right match of #hashtag.

4. Follow back

To create a strategic relationship with your consumers, you should follow them back. Sometimes reward your followers.

5. Posting

Plan a powerful marketing plan. Use filters which will change the look& feel of your photos The best time to post on Instagram is between 5-6 pm. Strategize on how to post and promote?

6. Advertise on Instagram

For this you have to connect your Instagram account with Advertising. You can select type of the Ad you like and set target audience.

7. Leverage presence on both Facebook & Instagram

Connect your Instagram account with Facebook and start cross posting& promoting. It will transform your presence and drive higher traffic.

8. Be communicative

To create an interactive relationship, you should interact with customers. Follow back your followers. Like their photos. By this you will inspire potential customers.

9. Use trends and market

Sit on the side of Target audience and search for the best trend to cultivate unique visual sense.

10. Contests

Plan for photo contests on Instagram. You can also choose for offline social event of Instagram and do your Brand promotion.

11. Post different visual content

Wordphotos, Infographics are different visuals which are used today. They tell stories about your brand.

12. Video-sharing

Post Instagram videos and promote them as the Brand moments of your company.

13. Observe others

Start following other brands and check them consistently. Like and comment others. It will help you to know latest industrial trends and positions of others.

14. Promote offers

Use different methods of offering discounted plans. Every offer should seek call-to-action and build more audience.

15. Observe Keywords & Content

You need to observe your every “#yourkeyword” and content, like on which content & keyword audience is liking and commenting more.

16. Search for keywords & Hashtags

To find engaging keywords, Type in the keyword related to your vertical and then Instagram will automatically start showing you the most labelled &related keywords. You will be mass followed.

17. Learn from every strategy

After every effort, please check whether your Target audience is liking and commenting on your posts or not? This will help you to determine where you need changes and build more engaging strategies for your brand.
Now you must be convinced, that how Instagram can be game-changer in your marketing efforts.

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