How is Social Media Changing the Market Dynamics of Travel and Tourism Industry

How Social Media Changing Tavel and Tourism Industry
Travel is an experience, a desire of each person to roam around the blue green earth. People remain stressed and fickle minded. Any person who wants to go out for few days tries to check on internet where he can plan to go out. While surfing on Facebook, he notices discounted travel package offered by travel company. The images of that destination remain etched in the mind of person. Finally he tickles his brain why not to check that package he saw. Finally he books his hotel and flight and starts packing the luggage!
Social media helps in branding the Travel firm. Displaying the pictures and content below with concise the message in clear call to action. Young age-group people want to get into adventure and the middle aged people want to get entertained.

Videos can be really something magical! They don’t want any thorugh information, they just want to relieve stress and get a break .They will click if there is anything tempting and new. Upload photos which have large swaths of blues in them like uploading photos of sea or sky. As a trip advisor, Social media gives the firm to make people feel their dream itineraries, which they share with their friends too.

Social media platforms helps travel operators all over the world to reach maximum people. The best method for the travel agencies is to choose the best medium and integrate efforts for more conversions. To plan an actionable social media strategy for Travel requires brainstorming of strategies and tactics.

Social media is the solid medium to engage online population. They can create contents, newsletters and alter strategies in line with their goals. Integrating on different social media platforms can help Travel agencies to reach “Crowning positions”.

To personally connect with the clients, Travel firms can design campaigns and run contests with exciting offers. For this the agencies should review the platforms time to time and remain updated.

By uploading photos and videos on Pinterest and Instagram, the potential platforms, they can crack the deals!

Come one and Come all, Have a look that how social channels are flourishing in the Travel World…!


Every month 800 million users visit on YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine among all social media platforms. Adding video on YouTube, we boost ranking on Google as well. The reason behind this, Google owns YouTube. Imagine how YouTube can create wonders for the travel business. Scrolling the pictures and reading about the destinations descriptively: Watching videos can be a feeling of wonderment and it brings a feeling of personal touch. Tips for managing YouTube channel:

  1. Create engaging videos: Fill out the channels description, add links, interconnect with all social media profile and add artwork to your profile and more.
  2. Try to upload High definition videos, for that you need to check your camera settings and check quality while uploading.

According to Forrester Research, 80% of traffic comes from Videos

How Social Media Changing Tavel and Tourism Industry

It connects all the dots .We can upload pictures, Publish posts, uploads videos . It is regarded as the best way to visually represent the pictures of the different places. To attain clients on Facebook in short time, you can consider following points:
  1. Post the pictures with purpose: Nobody is focusing upon the importance of destination. What will the person find which is not anywhere else?
  2. Posting about our existing customer’s canals will be an exciting task which shows what kind of packages we are providing.
  3. By posting about the destinations, generating traffic on the posts by asking questions like Yes or No.
  4. Connect the clients with insights. Do announcements about the seasonal discounts and the affordable packages.


Travel agencies consider Instagram as most important social platform which leads them to world of leisurely photos and videos. It has functionality of doing location hashtags. Instragram can link you to the facebook and twitter audience too, which can play a remarkable role.

If we ever check the instragram post with the hashtags of Travel, we search around 1.5 Million on #travelphotography. According to research done by Pew Research centre in September 2014 survey, about half of all instagram users, use Instagram daily. 53% of adults (18-29) also known as Millennial, have instagram account.
How Social Media Changing Tavel and Tourism Industry

Travel industry needs a new blood every day, they run recruitment events but don’t get the required talent in the house. LinkedIn is considered as a professional directory channel. To grab the fat budget clients and talent, following are some tips:
  1. Maintain your LinkedIn profile and maintain each detail about the company which reflects what your motive in the industry is and How you see your customers?
  2. Travel firms can also create a LinkedIn page for their clients to post their latest updates.
  3. To avoid long and storming recruitment rounds, Firms can post Job positions on Linkedin and take interview via Skype.
  4. Publish blog post about events, travel updates and discounted offers.

Writing a Blog for the company is the fantastic way to drive conversion. Tell your existing clients to write for the firm or sometimes organize ‘Best Travel Experience’ story writing competition. Blogging becomes the obvious source of content and brings traffic on the website.
The way to achieve ROI with social media marketing is to have your customers spread content on your behalf. People want to share content that is remarkable
Ben Arnon, VP Global Brand partnerships at Wildlife
Ben Arnon, VP Global Brand partnerships at Wildlife

Twitter is also known as “Up-to minute news channel”. Huge number of tweets, many hashtags and fresh industrial news leads to generation of huge traffic. If any client will Google search about the destination, they will directly get linked to the twitter account of the company. The best medium to go viral.

Jeff Rohrs, VP at Exact Target said “Twitter users are an audience with audiences, They make sure what happens on Twitter doesn’t stay on twitter”


It is a social media channel which inspires the person visually for travelling to various destinations. Travel firms can Pin photos and mention link of the company for getting linked directly. There have been more than 750 Million pins in the travel category covering more than 1.5 million destinations all over the World.

'Our goal is to inspire people to do things offline, but this is a free product and we have no intentions of building a booking product’ said a Pinterest spokesperson to ABC News

Google +

One of the finest ways to share content with clients and grab them. The best functionality about Google + is that it is linked with Youtube. Following are some of the simplest ways to do marketing for your clients:
  1. Post event information
  2. Write blog posts and share travelling videos
  3. It has also has accessibility to send E-books and white papers, which are joyful source for the readers.

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Social media helps in branding the Travel firm. Displaying the pictures and content below with concise the message in clear call to action.